Alternative Assets

Long term value creation through exclusive alternative asset investments

Our Healthcare Merchant Bank’s proprietary deal flow and our contacts in the international financial marketplace have favorably positioned Bourne Partners Alternative Assets to make strategic investments in unique opportunities, including direct investments and co-investments in privately-held companies as well as investments in top tier private equity funds. Our firm brings a unique financial and operating due diligence perspective to these opportunities.

Direct Investments

Bourne Partners Alternative Assets invests directly in healthcare and pharmaceutical companies and invests opportunistically in other companies where we see compelling long term return characteristics. Bourne takes either majority positions or co-investment positions alongside other private equity firms. In all cases, Bourne seeks to add value to our partner companies by applying our network of strategic relationships (both private equity and industry relationships), advisory and consulting expertise and operating experience to generate a positive outcome for management, employees and investors.

While opportunistic, Bourne typically invests in growth stage or middle market businesses that are (or at one time have been) cash flow positive with a compelling growth strategy and market focus.

Select Direct Investments
  • BurnsAdler Pharmaceuticals
  • CommScope, Inc.
  • Covis Holdings, LP
  • King Pharmaceuticals - formerly (NYSE:KG) now owned by Pfizer (NYSE: PFE)
  • Plainfield Renewable Energy
  • Tanner Pharma Group, Inc.
  • Theramed Corporation
  • Wapiti Energy Holdings, LLC

Fund Investments

Bourne Partners Alternative Assets has been investing successfully in private equity funds since 2000. We select funds that: 1) are top tier firms with well-established track records and a proven management team, 2) allow us to co-invest directly alongside them in specific companies, 3) align with our strategic initiatives, and 4) provide compelling and unique investment opportunities. Our typical investment range is between $500,000 - $5 million of convertible preferred or junior debt with Limited Partners sharing a portion of the total investment.

Select Fund Investments
  • Irving Place Capital (IPC), Fund II L.P. – 2000
  • Irving Place Capital (IPC), Fund III, L.P. – 2006
  • Carlyle Partners IV, L.P. – 2005
  • Carlyle Partners V, L.P. – 2007
  • Carlyle Europe Partners III, L.P. – 2007 
  • Carlyle Strategic Partners II, L.P. – 2007
  • Carlyle Global Financial Services Partners, L.P. – 2010
  • Carlyle South America Buyout Fund, L.P. – 2010
  • Carlyle Realty Partners VI, L.P. – 2011
  • Carlyle Energy Mezzanine Opportunities Fund, L.P. – 2012
  • Carlyle Strategic Partners III, L.P. – 2012
  • Carlyle U.S. Equity Opportunity Fund, L.P. – 2012
  • Cerberus Institutional Partners V, L.P. – 2013
  • Carlyle Global Financial Services Partners II, L.P. – 2014
  • Carlyle International Energy Partners, L.P. – 2014
  • Carlyle U.S. Equity Opportunity Fund II, L.P. – 2015
  • Cerberus Institutional Partners VI, L.P. – 2015